about 3 weeks ago o figure out that I have Celiac Disease. Its when you have an intolerence to gluten. I was very weak and I kept having to go to the restroom after I ate something. It was rediculous, my stomache would bloat and I would be very uncomfortable. My intolerance caused my small intestine to have villia atrophy so I wasnt absorbing any of the food that I was eating. I have been gluten free for about 3 weeks and I can feel my intestine working better now. It has been a stuggle to change my diet. Lst night I had dinner at my aunties house and she knows that im going gluten free so she cooked me a gluten free diet but we didtn know that soy sauce has gluten in it and that was what the bbq was marinated in. Today was a hard day of recovery. I have always been on the out side of everything social or invovled because of the physical things that i feel and because Im on the outside I feel depressed and alone. I have no idea how the fuck to get through this. Im just stumbbling around. I guess that is jsut what I have to do. It sucks to be going through this alone, i know I have my mom to help me out but its hard to explain to her how vulnerable i feel. Its hard to dothis on my own every day is a struggle because I have to eat like every 2 hours because I feel dizzy or really weak its hard to be in school, its hard to sleep, its hard to just sit. Because of celiac i have this rash thing now called DH its extremely itchy and its always bothering me. I jsut want a fucking break and I jsut want to be fucking healthy, I just want my health, my fucking physical health and mental health!


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