I have this really good friend I met in one of my classes last semester. We ended up talking a lot and started hanging out more and more slowly. We're now having sleepovers now which is awesome though and she considers me as one of her best friends which I'm very glad because I haven't had a female best friend since I was in middle school. I guess the reason I want to post this blog is because this new best friend of mines talks about her other best friends from her hometown very often. She often compliments them often and says that they're very fun to hang out with and that they're very pretty. My friend just says I'm ok looking which sort of sucks because I think I'm pretty (not trying to be vain, but I don't think I'm unattractive) and many guys have told me I'm good looking too. I guess I'm a little jealous because I wish someone would say positive things about me to other people, too… I don't know what to do. Whenever she compliments and talks positive things about her other best friends often, I get sort of jealous and depressed at the same time. 🙁 I don't really get jealous that easily when it comes to other stuff, but when it comes to friendships and relationships, I do.

On the other hand from my last blog about guys rejecting me… well only three guys added me back. Two of them messaged me back. Some of the other guys I messaged haven't signed on yet so I don't know if I'll get rejected by them or not. Though some other ones rejected me already. One of them called me weird and said that it's myspace and not real life. … Yeah ok whatever fine. Then the other guy said, "Uh, no thanks…" I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I think my messages sound like spam, but I have no idea how to make my messages sound correctly! How come other girls don't get rejected as easily? 🙁 Well I guess some good news. This other guy I met on Myspace a few months ago, he and I have been talking for awhile. I messaged him one day just because he went to my school and we listened to similar music. I didn't expect him to message or add me back, but he did both. So yeah today I was bored and I filled out this survey thing he has in his blog because I was really bored. He checked it out and filled it out about me back. Some of the answers were surprising because he implied that he would probably date me and kiss me. I know I probably sound lame right now. He thinks I'm good looking too. I don't know if I want to date him though. Anyways me and him are hanging out on Tuesday most likely.

I feel so lame talking about this like I'm a teenager, but I needed to get it out and here is a great place to let it out. Thanks for reading.


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