So, I got a new counselor. She's okay. She seems sort of dull, but maybe that's how all counselors are. I can't stand dull people very much. I may be anxiuos and shy, but when I'm not, I'm really funny and outgoing. So, when she's just sitting there, staring until either I say something or she says something is really strange. Plus, if I make a joke or something or I laugh about something, she just gives this grim little smile and goes on saying something else. Like she doesn't like jokes, but maybe she's just REALLY professional. I have to go see her again tomorrow, at 8:30 in the morning, which is horrible, because I often stay up late at night, so waking up early is not good for me. She sees a lot of children in the afternoon, so since she says I'm not in school, early sessions would be better for her. My mom, who she wasnted to talk to, went ahead ans agreed. I swear, everytime I don't act like an adult, I'm told I need to act my age, but yet people are always treating me like a child. How else can I take control and get over my own problems?
I haven't been on the internet lately. I've been despressed, so it hasn't appealed to me very much. Plus, my sister and her children moved. I've taken care of those kids (my sister has problems, too, but won't get help so I've been watching the kids while she goes out and does nothing with her life) since I was thirteen, so I miss them a lot. It's completely strange to not be able to see them at least once a week. They moved to Oklahoma, so we can visit, but not too often. I think that had something to do with my recent state of depression. I just have to get used to them not being here. I'm sure I will.
Well, I guess that's about it for now. Nothing else new to talk about.

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