So this week has been fun.

My manager got fired because she was paid too much, wasnt going along with the changes the new owner has been putting in place and because I was basically doing 90% of her job and a coworker was doing the other 10%.

I was phoned at home that night and informed and I had my first all out, cant breathe and my inhaler doesnt do shit, spots in front of my eyes oh GOD gonna faint, panic attack ever. That sucked ASS!

The good news is they are gonna give me more personal training hours as well as paid breaks and I get my commission back and I get paid for any overtime I do. Hooray! The bad news is I dont see any raise forthcoming.

They of course want me to stay (duh, I do the managers job for a lousy 11.50 an hour) and not move to the States to be with Mark. I discussed it with Mark and he wont move up here unless Im making at least $20 an hour. Cant blame him since hes only a few months away from getting into the police force down there. I didnt want to stay anyway, as if Im gonna make working at a gym a career and end up like my boss fired 15 years later with no education or other experience. The only thing worth sticking it out in Canada is the medical. Ill just have to learn to be healthy for once haha.

Lost ten pounds so far on the illness diet and my cough has cleared up with antibiotics but now Ive since developed a sore throat that wont go away. When will this bs be over? 

Modelling show is next week. One more rehearsal tonight before the dress rehearsal and we get to do fittings on Sunday. So excited!


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