so i just got back from the movies with my sister and when we got in the car i had a huge headache dont know y and i didnt really eat all day except some popcorn and vitamin water i feel sick to my stomach like i cant breath almost in tears hot all over like im on fire my stomache is all in nots i can feel it get n to the point where i feel like im go n crazy i hate this the most im try to calm my self down and maybe to eat a lil ill have to force myself my boyfriend just came in the room and he give me a look like im some crazy girl and it just felt like he was stand n over me watch n me like im a freak i asked him to please leave and now im cry n my eyes out while write n this i feel scared this is a pretty bad attack havent felt this way in a while it snuck up on me b 4 i could tell when they were come n and b 4 it got bad i would do some breath  n listen to music to chill out and it worked but this just came out of nowhere ha start n to feel a lil better still haven't had n e thing to eat my stomach just loosend up to normal it was like a wave of emotions crashed down on me i feel exausted it seemed to last maybe 10mins but it felt like forever and it my body aches i hate this so much but that u for let n me get it all out i think i didnt start shke n like i normaly do because i was type n like a mad woman try n to calm myself thank u for b n here for me love ya – katelyn –

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  1. TigerLilyy 14 years ago

    Try to eat something small and easy on your stomach like a piece of toast. It cant be helping that you have had barely any food all day. When I have an attack like that I usually try to take  shower if I can. It doesnt help everyone but it definently helps me. Try and get yourself some rest hun and I really hope you start feeling better soon.

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