I had a last straw this morning and realised that I can't go on like this anymore. I can't be letting my emotions (mostly frustration and anger) getting the best of me. I don't want to be acting on impulse anymore and I need to do something about it. I just hope to god the psychiatrist will listen properly and diagnose or not properly. He may say there is nothing wrong with me and I just have anger issues or I'm just not taking stress very well but I don't think that will happen. I have to write down everything I need to tell him and make sure I don't leave anything important out. I have trouble remembering my outboorts when I'm feeling better so I think I will write it down as I'm feeling it and as it changes. I know for sure that I'm a nervous and anxious person most of the time and that little things make me anxious and scared. I also know that I can't deal with stress anymore and lose my patience with everyone but especially my family and this is why I've decided to see a psychiatrist. I don't want them to suffer my craziness any longer but will I be fixed up soon. Will he give me the right meds and will I get worse or better after. I also don't want to be fat and that alone would make me miserable. I realise the impact of my self and others because of my behaviour but some how I can't help my self anymore like I use to and I hope that next Tuesday at 3.20pm something will come out of my meeting with a psychiatrist.

Does anyone know what I can accept from the first meeting and would he be able to diagnose me just after 1 meeting? It's so expensive and I don't think I want to go to him often.

  1. bluebuddha 15 years ago

    -Good for you! You have taken a huge first step. Now go to the appointment, you will be glad you did. Talk to him about your money issue, he maybe able to do something to help with a rate adjustment or a referal to another doctor that can work with you on that. You have made a good choice!


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  2. buffster 15 years ago

    hi hun..first off I salute ur courage to finally "take the bull by the horns" & pursue help..I know ur a proud woman & its kinda a hard pill for u to swallow admitting u can't just "tuff it out" on ur own..however in putting ur family's interests first u've come to recognize what's important..ok what to expect ..remember first that these guys r not "miracle workers" & did not "descend to earth from on high" as many seem to think they have..mental health care i.e. both psychology & psychiatry are "reversed engineered" fields & was NOT handed down to the "professionals" from off Mt. Sinai ..most of it is pseudo educated guesswork which changes from 1 specialist to the next..guess what.I'm saying here is "be involved" in ur own treatment plan & don't be scared to ask "why"..its ur body were talking about & if they r true "professionals" their egos can handle a little challenging..don't let anyone "bully" u into doing something you're uncomfortable with *don't think u would anyway ha* & never let them dismiss your concerns as "unimportant"..good luck & be strong

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  3. buffster 15 years ago

    oh & p.s. make them show u their "treatment plan" on paper & explain it to u to ur satisfaction & understanding before proceeding forward..let us know how it works out hun..c u 

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