Smiling…I must say I find it amusing that a certain person finds DT a depressing site where people can't take any opionions they give to heart. Shame for this site is for people that have problems that are hard to over come but yet take the time to seek a site such as this to express their feelings with hope that they can feel better knowing they aren't alone in their depression. We here aren't perfect…we all have special needs to know life can be better, but if we can't make it to that point at this time don't critizise us for not being better people or wanting to except advise to quickly.

I am so glad dear one that you have found a site to go ( not DT ) to that gives you more positive feed back from your textbook help. I hope in your studies to become a therapist you learn to understand people better…can let your heart open to compassion and become a more understanding person for that is the component to a good therapist. Not all can respond to your help the way you will always want. You must have patience when working with those of us you seem to abhor so much, for we will not always respond as you will wish for. A good therapist will know that instinctively. Maybe in your studies and schooling you will find this in one of your books or classes. I wish you well…and hope in the end you learn what makes a good therapist so that you don't fail in your conquest.

I know I may be coming across as harsh for that I oplogize for but I feel strongly when one criticizes others and there plights so easily. Why did you even come to this site in the first place? I'm not understanding…….


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