I woke up feeling terrible today, because I’m super worried about politics and stuff…

But it’s okay. I took some deep breaths and I went to class. I got a 41 on my chemistry test, though, because I had to leave early to go to the orthodontist. I had a lot of brackets missing, so I’m glad to finally have them fixed. After my appointment, I went to the gas station nearby and got a BIG Dr. Pepper for only 99 cents! Then I went to Family Dollar for a new toothbrush and mouthwash, and had to tell off some creep who tried to hook up with me. It was still good though, because some other guy was a really good singer and he made my day by being very kind to me after I complimented his singing voice. He also tried to preach to me lol. Yeah, today was, overall, a good day for once. 🙂


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