Lately, I have been going on tumblr, which is a reason why I have not been on this website for a while. It is a place where I can reblog pictures and quotes, referring to how I feel from people all over the world. I have come to realize these types of websites help me quite a lot.

It is a place where I can also type down what is bothering me today or any other day for anyone who would care to read it (just like now), but I have come into a sort of problem. My best friend is a follower of my tumblr and whenever I type something for what I feel, even if I say not to responds, she does.

For example: "You stay with me. I’ll give you my arms, which will give you a hug and comfort you. I’ll give you my time, you can spend every second with me if that’s what it takes to make you feel better. I’ll give you my shoulder, to catch every tear you need to cry."

I understand she cares about me because we are best friends, more like sisters, but sometimes I just want to type whichever without even a reply. I even labeled on top, "DO NOT REPLY."

The point is, no matter where I go (especially on this website), I can never fully express what I feel. There is always some absolute jerk of a human being that makes everything worse in their comment. I know, human beings are not perfect, but just one word can make me go bolistic. Why? Medical reasons I do not want to point out at this moment. Even my diary does not help since my mom reads it from time to time. I can never get a break. I need one. Just one!


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