the funniest thing i have learned over the past few weeks is that at that moment you decide to let people into it by either being something more to you than that friend is that, the moment you leave that gap ope is the very same time that somebody really hurts you.

hello once again i am back at this blog thing i was a bit away vaccation with family but instead of coming back happy i am left wondering what the hell is going on, my uncle, my fathers young brother really hurt me over there during his alchohol demon sessions yeah he said some stuff that has really made me ah kinda want to just ask the man above "look whats mor to come" yeah i was expelled from the family because of my status he exposed me and i thought i could trust him damn i am now alone, no family very little buddies besides you folk on this site and well no love. i got mad yeah and sick to the flue bug has been taking too much time to depart from me but hey i will just follow his and their wishes what more can i do? i cannot try and push their arrogant minds to loving me as i am funny thing is that they thought that my mum caused it damn people it takes 2 to tango but reality is meant to be lived i am cool not sad or angry just disappointed by them hey i can just see myself as being this guy from the pas cartoon characters ah the flinstones where fred is just left hanging by barney and his good old dog dino the guys that mean the world to him but hey i have to live i have been happy all along just lonely looking for a companion god is there thankfully but the whole issue is that i need family support but hey i will just be patient wih them they will come round evenually they want the money from my mummy so hey call me o whatever but i have forgiven these bloakes{guys] its tough hey but my new stance with this virus is that i tell you who i am before we go any further in any sort of relations they run i will just say "oh well another terrified chap" but HIV is not like some serial killer on the loose we human too hey thats a fact hope you all cool god bless god is love just trust in him always…


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