Well i’m back from my babysitting adventure. IN the most part the kids were actually really good. The 2 y.o went to bed so easily, a bottle and in the bed and he slept most of the night. He woke up twice during the night, I gove him his bottle and he was fine.

The 4 y.o was really good too, the 5 y.o was another story. He most sertianly didn’t want to go to bed, and he was going to use every stalling tactic he could possibly think of, including wanting a biscut, a teddy, a book read to him, a different pillow and the list went on and on. Took me over an hr to get him to sleep.

Myself, I didn’t sleep well at all. I think it was mostly as I was listening out for the kids. I was expecting my aunt and uncle to be home around midnight, but they didn’t end up getting home until 5am!! I really wasn’t impressed with them actually. So i didn’t get to sleep until at least 5:30am and got up 7am. So I really didn’t get much sleep at all. I wasn’t impressed with my aunt and uncle this morning either. They left me the kids while they slept, including getting the baby up, changed, Breakfast for the lot.

On a positive note, I did love being around the kids, They are so positive; especially the 2. y.o! he must be one of the happiest kids I’ve ever met!! When I got him up i was greeted with a huge smile. Gotta love that.

So right now i’m feeling very tired, I have a headache (Which I think is from tiredness), and a bit of a sore throat. Not sure where that came from.




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