so yesterday my boss and some other people who are inportant saked me to fix the time clock and burn cd's and update a power point presentaion. i did and the computer kept freezing on me people kept calling about crazy request and i just got fustrated and left work at four.

last night i went to prayer service and the paster was like are you ready if god came back? he was telling a story on how we want a husband or a wife or kids that six figure job or a house, car , dog, tattoo, graduate from school before god comes back. the story he told was about a guy who wanted his best friend to go to church with him on newyears eve to start the year with a fresh start. the guy made an excuse and didnt go to church he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and died. now im not saying because he dint go to church he died but have you ever thought that maybe if you werent at a certian place at a certian time you wont be depressed and sad now.?

i was sad and i let some dude fuck me and he gave me syfaliss i was supose to be hanging out with my best friend but he bailed on me and i was at the wrong place at the wrong time and now its my fault for opening my legs so my question of the day?

Are you ready for god to come back?

and for those who dont believe in god or think im too spiritual have you ever regret being somewhere and you knew you was supose to be somehwere else and you was stubborn and got hurt and now your on this site becasue you regret or made a mistake like me?

blog ,comment let me know by the way i love you and i love your comments thanks for not ignoring me.


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