Although I play up my image; putting on make-up, dressing nicely etc…; I still am ignored. Yes I can be something of a sore because of my body compostion a.k.a mass, but I mean I ain't that bad am I?(no one here would know of course heh.) Well, most of the time I don't show any concern, but like many of us that all changes with our nightly "pillow talk". What defines beauty? Why is our image of beauty skewed frequently? If we were all just floating souls then what you might think it would not matter then but we humans by nature must find flaws thus if we were indeed "floating souls/orbs" we would find a way to add or inhance our "blobs" of souls maybe by adjusting shape? But anyway, I know being FAT or OBESE ain't pretty or attractive,  I KNOW THAT, but while I'm in the process of either burning or slicing this lard off why not feel good about myself by getting flattered once in a full moon at least?But I mean actually being flattered not just a whistle from across the street (which is a WHOLE other issue). Hmm…I guess I should flatter myself, ha! what a joke. See this is one of those days that I kinda feel good, some days I don't even want to put make-up on because I see no point to waste make-up to hide the…whatever it is I have a problem with. As I'm typing this my fat fingers are being clumsy again and my lard of a roll is getting in the way of me sitting straight to avoid a hump from forming on my back. Oh well at least I felt good for just some minutes, there goes my "positive thinking" blog. If it helps, I think rainbows are awesome and a smile is always beatiful.

@>~~~ Sapphire


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