but, doing okay.  It’s been a long day.  Worried about Maria.  She got beat down by some nut job, yesterday, and today, she didn’t show up for outpatient.  Someone tried to collect call me from some sort of correctional facility, and I tried to accept the charges the second time they called, but I got disconnected before I could do so.  Such BS…  I wonder if my phone just wouldn’t take an expensive collect call like that – jail collect calls are more expensive than most (there are surcharges, and sh*t).  I mean, Maria shouldn’t have been in trouble for yesterday, but if she and this chick crossed paths today, and the b*tch didn’t get the drop on her, again, I could see Maria getting herself arrested.  Hell, I could see myself getting arrested, after what that b*tch did.  If I had been there, it would not have gone down like that.  I always have Maria’s back – the one day I wasn’t there, she gets her ass kicked.  And, she’s not a weakling, or anything.  Lorraine just got the drop on her ass.  It happens. 

Talked to my friend who has had issues, coming off a drug, recently.  He’s doing really well.  I’m really proud of him.  I know, it’s not easy, but this person was smart, and he got out before he completely got lost in the sh*t – assuming he stays smart.  But, I think he will.  I believe in him.

Had a good day with Charlie.  We went out for mat board and art supplies, earlier.  We even went to Walgreens to print some photos, but their machines were down, and I needed one of those customer friendly, walk up units.  We’ve been getting along.  It’s been…  good.  Not great…  but definitely good…

Anyway, it’s been a long day.  I still have this head cold, and I am still having fleeting thoughts about extinguishing my pain with smack.  It just drifts through my head, like passing clouds, through the sky.  Luckily, I occasionally have someone who’ll grab onto my sleeve, to keep me from drifting away with those passing clouds.  Sometimes, I can sail a bad idea all the way to Never-never Land.

Talked to Ace tonight.  That always helps…

Anyway, time to sleep…

another day of fighting the good fight gets put to bed.

And, tomorrrow, we’ll fight another one.

Take care and hang in everyone.

Much Love,



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