In most people’s minds, courage is viewed as someone strong and tough. Some people think courage is acting all big and bad, or in other words, “go hard”. However, I do not agree with those definitions of courage that people have set in their minds today. When you see fights, all you hear from people is that either he or she was a punk because he or she didn’t hold their ground, or that he or she is cool because they fight back. Is this courage? I don’t think so.

To me, courage is all in the mind. It can be expressed though thoughts, words, actions, and even writing. Courage has so many definitions. The first definition that comes to mind is that courage could be just gathering the strength to wake up each morning. The reason I say that is because a lot of people all around the world go through things every day. The person you are sitting next to at the moment may by going though a rough time, or might have had something traumatic happen in their life. Have you ever thought of the amount of courage it must take them to get up and face the day ahead? Nine times out of ten, people don’t think about that at all.

Another definition of courage, or should I say example, is saying no to peer pressure. Every day, people get pressured by their friends and associates, usually to have them do something in order to fit in. Most of the time, the person that is being pressured to do something doesn’t want to do what they are being pressured to do. So courage is saying no; to stand up for yourself. When you are being peer pressured, then you know that these people that are pressuring you are not your real friends. Another example of courage is when people stand up for what is right, for their beliefs, and for equality. Martin Luther King was a civil rights leader, and stood for the stop of discrimination. He wanted for all segregation to stop. He made speeches, and led boycotts and strikes. His “I Have A Dream” speech was the speech that rocked the nation. This leader was a courageous man. He stood up for what is and was right.

Courage could be facing your fears. For example, if you are scared of talking in front of a lot of people, then courage would be needed in this situation. Overcoming your fears are never easy, so when you gather the courage to face your fears, it is a wonderful act of bravery. Back in the day, women were not allowed to vote, and we expected to watch over their kids, cook, clean, and basically do whatever the husband expected of her to do. However, one day Susan B. Anthony had gotten tired of it. She decided to start a suffrage movement, insisting that women should have the right to vote. Some women were hesitant,because they had become so accustomed to living the home life, but they decided to join the movement. Though some women didn’t agree, which isn’t unusual, the movement worked. Women had made a change in the world, since they had persisted to fulfill their dream, and in other words, tackled their fear.

It takes courage to be you. What I mean by that is the fact that everyone is unique. That means that we are all different. However, you see a lot of people out there that are afraid to be themselves because of what others think. They think that people will judge them. To be honest, their thoughts are exactly right. It is very sad how people stereotype against others, judging them without even knowing them. If you are used to being a follower, then it will take a tremendous amount of courage to stand up and be you-and be proud of it. Don’t worry about what people say and think! When you are writing your thoughts down, that can be an act of courage. Right now, you are probably confused about what I mean by that, so I shall explain. Writing down your thoughts and emotions is a major step for some people. Sometimes when you are feeling a strong emotion, like anger or depression, you don’t think that it will be helpful to write things down, or you are scared to in case someone reads your stuff. So yes, it takes courage to write it down, but writing can help you vent. It is always good to get your feelings out because holding them inside isn’t healthy.

In conclusion, courage can be expressed in many ways. It may be hard to have courage, but it is a working process. Gathering up courage doesn’t happen overnight. However, if you work towards it, you will succeed!!!


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