I have always grown up totally diorganized my whole life. For  a long time now I have been trying to get things under control. But my husband is a big crap with whom I am stuck. He does not care about his balding head, his health– he can lose atleast 40 pounds, does not care what he eats, how much he actually needs, and on top of it he is not even ready to help me with my goals. The basic reason is he does not respect my thoughts. He does not support what i do. He does his own crap and thinks he has done everythingto please, and then demands that I be happy. I am not. I cannot get out of this marriage, I don’t want to. This Bastard. I feel like a piece of junk because of him. He has no care for himself or his family. Never cares about money, never cares about property maintanance, what the children are studying, what the family priorities are. Does not even call his own parents. They are a big fat load of bull shit. I can’t tolerate anybody from his family. I had to with draw so many times from my education. He would join other crap people and discourage me from continuing my education. Big fat ass. Once I had an appointment with a fitness instructor, and the bastard made sure I cancelled it. I look so much better than him. If it continues this way soon he will start to look like mey dad. I have enrolled in college to complete my education and become a doctor. I am just using this fat ass to feed me and pay my bills till then. Asshole. Needs to land in hell. I HATE HIM FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.


though I am not fully know how I am going to do it, I am sure that I will figure out a way to handle my life, whether this piece of junk wants to go with me or not. To hell with him. I hate him. Change is too far away from this piece of ass hole. I am going to figure out what I need now.



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  1. madahubby 15 years ago

    Actually, he is not so bad. He is too cute. But I need to get things done. I needed to vent super bad. Thanks for your comment, even I laughed after rereading the same stuff after reading your comment. Anger makes people soooo furious and funny!

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