Gee, looks like the last time I was here was in 2010. At that time I was getting ready to move into a retirement community, and was pretty excited about it. Well, that's where I still am, and it was a good move for me. The biggest change is that there is virtually NO stress here, whereas where I was before was extremely stressful. Before, I pretty much stayed very depressed (I have had Major Depression at least since 1995). While here my depression virtually disappeared for quite a while and now hits quite strongly every now and then. Here I am talking about feeling depressed. I never stopped having the other symptoms of Major Depression except that I haven't felt suicidal since being here. I developed a condition called something like Seritonin Syndrome … that is, whenever I took an SSRI antidepressant really, really wierd things would immediately start going on in my head … like trying to put a sock on but not being able to see my leg from the knee down; or trying to get into bed but forgetting how to get onto the bed or lay down … I spent almost 2 hours trying to get in bed one night before I suddenly figured out how. There were dozens of other symptoms, many even stranger. As soon as I stopped the SSRI the symptoms disappeared. I then started taking a pre-SSRI antidepressant but it did nothing, so I haven't been taking any antidepressant for the last two years or so. Luckily, I havent felt depressed for most of that time and the depression episodes are just now comming back but they aren't frequent.

That's enough for the blog for now. I think that I'll check out the chat room and see if I recognize anyone. Looking forward to participating here.



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  1. sasha1969 9 years ago

    Welcome back!

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