I wanted to share the story of how EMDR helped my PTSD in an amazing way. First of all EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. About two years ago I was involved in a serious car accident where I was T-Boned and the car I was in flipped over.  Pedestrians ran over and in an attempt to flip the car back on the tires the car just rolled bruising my back and neck. Thankfully due to the amazing safety features of the car I walked away with a sprained wrist, whip lash, and a ton of bruising. My sister who was driving walked out with bruising and whiplash. After the accident I was on bed rest for about a month because I was also hit with Mono. This created a fear of going to school and a fear of driving in a vehicle. I would have to go places like the doctor or my therapy appointments I would put my headphones in and blast the music to the point where you could hear it just sitting in the car with me. It was the only way I could get places. My therapist told me about this kind of therapy to help people deal with PTSD called EMDR. I decided to give it a shot which required me to see another therapist at the same time. So I was going to therapy twice a week every week. And the real reason I wanted to say this is because I almost gave up on it. It was exhausting and painful. You relive those worst moments in detail for hours while doing a tapping motion which some how helps your brain process the information better or something. I don’t really know the exact science behind it but it was terrible. I would come home and just sleep for hours because of how physically tiring it was. My body was also starting to have severe pain like the bruising from my accident that had passed but now the pain was back. Its a way for your body to process trauma the right way it has to understand the pain again so it can relive the pain apparently. I bought a device called Alpha Stim which sends shock waves to your brain helping to relive trauma but also to stop panic attacks and insomnia. This device costs a lot but honestly it was a life saver to me. It makes you feel like you’re on a cloud and nobody can take you down no matter what. Now I don’t have to do therapy with the EMDR specialist and the best part is I got my license! I drive everywhere and honestly I owe most of it to that process. I still have my bad days where my PTSD comes crawling back but even just being able to drive to work or school without being in absolute fear is what made all of the pain and suffering of the healing process worth it to me. If you have any questions about EMDR or the Alpha Stim just message me I would love to help.


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