I found a picture of the shoes in question: http://www.lifestride.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=EC1197118&pg=5115005

Yes, I'm still obsessed with my shoe situation… I wish I could say that it's just a "girl thing" but it really isn't. If it were all about personal taste, I'd keep them. Might not wear them a lot because heels hurt like hell but I like them. I'm afraid I'll mess up, that my shoe choice will get me in trouble somehow. So I'm probably going to get up early and go shoe shopping again and then return these later. =/

Someone actually said "if you go with an open toe it means you a hippie or a rebel…" >.<

This is, truly, the worst week I've had in a long time. First, therapy was canceled Monday, just when I needed it the most! Then I had to go shopping afterward and was miserable. I was miserable Tuesday too, I kept thinking about Wednesday… Wednesday was bad because I had an anxiety attack at the career fair and nearly left about 3 times. I almost broke down crying twice and began sweating profusely. Went shoe shopping afterward and still haven't found "the perfect shoe". Now I have to go shopping again tomorrow morning before heading to class which is uncomfortable because I feel weird in my interview clothes. I might just pack them up and change on campus because I don't want to spend several hours in this stuff…

I'm so tired, so emotionally worn out. I just need to survive tomorrow. That's it. Survive tomorrow. Pack up my clothes, change in a bathroom stall, it'll be okay. It'll be fine. The interview is in the field house, I know where the bathroom is, I can walk down there, change, comb out my hair, go to my interview, walk back to the bathroom, change back to my normal clothes, and head to my next class which is right down the hall. It'll work out. Breeeatthhhee. *grabs stress ball*


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