so here it goes …

im 19f hes 26m, we really got close after we hung out at another co-workers local concert. that night we got closer to each other we had fun and at work the following day , we even had insiders. i had his number and vice versa , we would talk here and there , at work he would spend his breaks with mine. we hung out after me asking him , i had a birthday gift i had been wanting to give him and we spent a good few hours in my car just listening to music and talking. by the time i dropped him off he sat in the car , and waited as if he was waiting for me to make a move , it was a bit awkward because i wasn't sure if he liked me enough for it to be appropriate for a kiss. instead we said bye and i gave him a hug. later on the week, he would come visit me in my section of my job & just talk and joke around. he started to always come by when it was time for him to leave and he would stick around for a few and hug me goodbye . one other co worker noticed and said "from all these years working here with him I've never seen him really talk to a girl like that i think hes into you ". so now its friday , i asked him out on a date & he accepted. we always bring it up when we talk , its exciting. i also sent him a message last night saying that i liked him and if he felt uncomfortable going on a date with me , than i would understand ( when i asked him out i asked to hang out not really saying it was a date ) so i wanted to clarify . he responded he said that he already figured & he liked me too but the age difference was an isssue & he said we will see where it goes.

i really like this guy.

i like older guys too.

i hope things go well 🙂 need advice & what i should talk about

  1. emptysometimes 6 years ago

    anything! just live in the moment and enjoy yourself…get to know him..ask him about his family, whats he look for in a girl…what kinda stuff does he like? music, movies, sports…does he have any goals ?…does he have any interesting stories from his past? is he religous? is he into politics? share things about yourself as well…its important to be yourself 🙂 

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  2. Love_Shines 6 years ago

    Just be yourself and ask what you're interested about in him.  If he already likes you then chances are being yourself is all that is needed.

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  3. harvey01 6 years ago

    Enjoy every moment.  Don't overthink, don't get hung up on little things.  Just enjoy every moment together.  I got dumped recently and realized I lost sight of what was important…just having fun together.  Go out, enjoy, be happy.  The conversation will start to flow.

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