Hi good morning everyone I hope you are well.

Today started as normal. I went for my run, put up with harassment ya know the normal. I’m an openly trans boy so I deal with a lot of harassment due to that. I’m used to that now. But it’s hard and I still want to die most of the time.

I’m starting to make friends online and off line. It makes me happy that I’m starting to make friends. On this cite I have like 3 friends or followers or whatever and that’s more than I ever though I’d get.

My friends the ones I think of as family always compare me to a masterpiece of glass. Beautiful but fragile. Unique but amazing. Glass shatters and when it does it can be dangerous to pick up as you can get hurt badly. They say they will pick up the shattered pieces regardless of how many times they get hurt. They don’t care how many times I hurt them they will still fix me over and over again and I thank them.

Everyone is like this. We are all fragile but we can be “fixed” if we “break”. Trust me. I wish whoever is reading this the best. 😉



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