Well, since I was last on here my husband and I have reconciled. He has had to go to anger management classes for the last 6 monts and he asked me if I would go with him for support and as something that we could do together to better strengthen our marriage. He is now working full time so I can go to school and we are trying to have our first baby.

We still have  our good, bad, and completely unrecogniziable days and fights, but we now know that what doesn't kill us has made us a hell of a lot stronger.

I love my husband leo very much and he does the same for me. I now try to let the slittle stuff slide and focus on what is really important. We agree to disagree a lot, but that is ok.

I have learned not to run to my family everytime he does something I don't like and to try and figure things out with him instead.

We are going to our final anger managment class together tomorrow and it is kind of exciting and sad at the same time.

We have learned and then applied so much of what we have learned to our own lives and I feel like a better new person for what I have learned. I cherish the moments that we share together even more now and I appreciate all the little things that he does for me without me even asking.

My experience has definately been one that has set in motion for me a new path. We are going to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary on the 29 of September. I am so excited, he even went out shopping and bought me a beautiful dress as a surprise.

It looks like the dress that marylin monroe wore when she stood over the manhole cover with the steam coming out.

I'll write more as it develops

Thanks 4 everyones support


Heather Yeatman


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