Just a short note to friends… I have to share my laptop with the roommate… my new dog River chewed his phone charger cord and we are broke till the 3rd of next month so he is fuming… (haha) apologized profusely and committed to sharing… ๐Ÿ™

The kittens Arnie and Max are fine! They found their appetite today and ate about a barrel load of cat food… they have played and played and there is no doubt they will be okay at least for now… fingers crossed… damn vaccines… they were just too little, I should have listened to my own intuition… live and learn…

To Erin, I got my dresser moved into my new bedroom, and it is so nice to feel like a regular lady again – haha, with drawers and everything! When I turn over the laptop, I can spend my time organizing and putting things away. Like a proper lady should! I hope you are still enjoying your new basement pad! I am dying to hear what you did with the place! And what's going on in your life.

For Miss Nancy, I just saw that you got a job at Penneys! THAT IS FABULOUS! I am so very proud of you! I knew they would love you! You didn't give up, you gathered all your courage and now, you've done it! It may not be easy, but I know you'll do your best! I am so relieved to hear this great news. I promise to write more often and tell you what's going on. Having these two kittens and keeping them alive has been about all I could handle, that and the relentless heat, it never seems to let up. I stay like a hermit most days, and I'm even taking naps now. Guess I am approaching the Geezer Zone! yeeks…

Miss Summer. I guess you just don't love me anymore! ๐Ÿ™ I am so heartbroken that I never hear from you anymore. You can't even imagine how worried sick I've been. Every single day when I go past your picture hanging on the wall, with Leo, I feel a tug on my heart and I wonder where you are. What you are doing. If you are okay. I long to hear a sweet story about you and the boys on the beach again… Something to keep my spirits high… I truly hope that you have found a way to cope, that the people in your life are being kind to you, and that you can find a moment here and there to relax and just take care of yourself. You mean the world to me and always will no matter what! Please drop me a short nite when you can so I won't be consumed with worry! Until then, I will keep you in my thoughts and heart, where you always are…

I just found a CD Mystic River, that I haven't watched in a long time, can't even remember it, so I'm gonna slip it in and try to catch a few minutes of it before I give up the laptop… haha – Have I said that about a hundred times by now?? Could it be I might be just a little addicted? I love watching vids on the Tube. We don't have a TV in the house anymore – couldn't afford to pay for the satellite as we live out in the woods, so internet is the only option for now… At least I have that…

I have an internet friend named Hannah who is a wonderful girl, younger than me by a lot, but still she is kind and friendly and we share some other friends as well… She is building a "tiny house" with her BF, which is like a small RV trailer. They just build with semi-regular construction on top of a trailer frame and viola' – a tiny house! No mortgage! I was the original tiny house girl back in the early 90's as I lived in a tiny little RV trailer in Shady Grove RV Park off Riverside Drive in Austin Texas for quite a while. Those were wild and wooley days, no doubt, but I wouldn't trade them… I still have that little trailer, which came from some gov't land in Arizona by the way – yes I was a little gypsy in those days… FUN! Anyway, the old trailer is about kaput, so me and Jim – the roommate (eternally) are thinking about tearing it all apart and re-building a new tiny house on it like the kids are doing… Could be a lot of fun. There is a ton of old growth cedar on my farm, and they mostly all died last year so one by one I will carefully take them down as we need them, and use them lovingly in our new homes, sharing of course. I have had the best life since I learned to share and give what I can. It makes for a really contented existence. The smiles and the warm hugs are the reward!

Gosh, I still ramble terribly, (mama's word) Anyway, Hannah has connected me with another amazing young women, DeLeigh (pronounced De-Lee) and she is a photographer in Austin with a BF too, who is a chef, also working full time. They want to come out and see the lot next door to decide if they could fix it up and live there! It has separate meters and lots of trees, a separate driveway, their own gate, own mailbox, no rent, just help me and Jim from time to time if we "fall down and can't get up" – haha I really hope DeLeigh and Briant can arrange to come soon, I'm about to die of anticipation. (BIG SMILE)

Well, please forgive me if I forgot to write to you, I will come back to DT when I can keep the computer a bit longer and catch up. I will never forgot how the great friends here have helped me to recover, and how they will always be here if I ever need to vent or just feeling lonely. You guys are so awesome!

So later gators, over and out… After while crocodiles – HEY JOSH – how are you man??? Still eating those humungous breakfasts!???? Beware, after 30 men seem to accumulate a little spare tire very easily! haha You guys take care, and we'll see ya on the flip side, Miss you Diana, you and your beloved horses! Adios, compadres! Cissy


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