So…. There was this huge fight between my brother and my mother's BF…. It was bound to happen eventually but I had just wished it didn't have to happen last weekend…..SO! here's what happened…

My Mother's bf's son came over to stay the weekend like he does almost ever other weekend. Everything was fine and dandy until he started talking to my mom and his dad, saying that he didn't like my brother…. like at all. So after a while of them talking, they took him home. Mom came back and started talking to Jr. About like his behavior and things of that nature. She also told him why my mom's BF's son wanted to so home. Apparently he didn't like my little brother's mouth or his behavior. But the sad thing was, that my little brother was behaving that night. He was being nice to "the son" the whole night. But "the son" kept saying that my little brother was talking about AIDs and sex and cussing every sentence. The cussing is true… (He does have a huge potty mouth) Although, the AIDs and sex part of the conversations were always brought up by "the son". I was there the whole time and "the son" was the first one to bring up AIDs and to bring up Sex….

But anyways, everything was fine and dandy until my mom's BF showed up in the room and started putting his two cents in. That's when the yelling and screaming started to happen. At first it was just my mom's BF saying nasty names and spilling out horrible insults to my LITTLE brother (mind you, he is 12) Then my little brother eventually started to defend himself. That's when my mom's BF started swwearing up and down that my little brother was never going to step foot back inside this house. An hour or so later, my mom FINALLY took my little brother home to his dads.

So, that's the situation….. It actually kind of makes me mad on so many different levels. For one, my mother took her BF's command over her own. My brother never would have gone home that night if she had just taken her own actions that night. This always happens though! She can never live 2 months without a guy living with her and eventually it always gets to the point were the man is making the decisions around the house…. Like WTF?!?! It's not his f-ing house!

For two, my mom just sat there watching her BF yell at my brother for like an hour or two before she even thought about stepping in. She just let her BF call him nasty names (and mind you, they were nasty. So nasty in fact that some of the names I even cringed at…. And I've heard and taken them all). This always happens too. This happened with my EX- step father. He was verbally and physically abusing me and mom knew it!!! She knew what was happening the whole time! And she didn't do jack sh*t!

I'm just getting sick and tired of this pattern that always goes on. Mother has the worst taste in guys. She can't pick a good one to save her life. And, honestly, I don't think she really cares about me and my brother (I would say my sister but she's moved out. Has been for more than a couple years). If she did care about us, then she wouldn't let these men come into her house and just take over like they own my mom. Her and her BF aren't even married. And I do have to say that if they do decide to get married, I am moving out. No matter what f-ing age I am, I'm leaving. I can't stand him, I don't like him. I am not going to be apart of that wedding or their lives because I just know how it's going to end….. Like it always ends….

Anyways, I think i wrote too much but it's whatever. I'll be shocked if someone actually reads it….. Just needed to get everything off my mind and somewhere else.

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  1. Andie372 8 years ago

     Some women (I'm not one of them) need a man to complete their life.  Somehow they to not have the intestinal fortitude to make it on their own.  I'm happy with my husband of 20 years, but if something happened to him, I'm sure I'd stay single.  AND I would NEVER let anyone yell at my kids.  They would be kicked OUT.  I feel very sorry for your little brother, 12 is just a kid and he doesn't deserve the treatment he is getting, potty mouth or not.  

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