When I was   in my 30’s, 40’s it was pretty different ,, I found venues where I could have friends, associates via my work place ,,, now that is pretty much all gone and the pool of social interactions has pretty much dried up,, so it is very difficult and can be very depressing ,,,, I am struggling at the moment to find others in the same bind as me ,,,,, I am single and I am not seeking a relationship ,, so not to worry 🙂 …I attend support groups not so much for the issues at hand though I am dealing with that as well, but more so,,, to just have that human interaction outside of myself,, It seems that the people that I do find are online and are to damn far from here,, plus they are dealing with their own set of problems and concerns,,

As compensation for my lack of social interaction I have 5 cats and I keep up with them pretty well all things considered ,,, I do not drink so doing the club thing which I was never really up with anyway, is not something that works for me ,,,..So I guess I am seeking others in my situation and others who want to connect online, phone, etc..

I have a part time job but it is a singular situation,,, so I do not  interact with anyone ,,,I did some volunteer work at a humane society here ,,, but got a bit burned out after 2 years of that,,,so I am looking for other possibilities and so far nothing has appeared that interests me ,,,, I am in South Florida which is a very strange place to begin with,, people  tend to be very guarded and suspicious for the most part,, and  that is understandable given the area.. Anyway I am just putting this out in the universe and see what comes back,,, the note in the bottle tossed into the internet ocean,,,


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