i been doing goodand ijust feel i cnt just go back to who i was i want to prove to myself that i am strong and that i am the same person people can fall for and care about it so hard fighting these thoughts in my head trying to make me mad and hurt i just need people to talk to more than on and off it a struggle yes but im on the road to a better life college start in a couple month and i cannot wait im so happy when im there the feeling of having people around me that just want to have fun and enjoy life makes me feel that ill be just fine i know i cant do this alone i been trying so hard to do it alone telling myself if i cant be happy by myself than no one will make me happy but i feel i should have more trust and depend a little on people i love my college and i cant wait to start my class school was always helpful for me idk what i would do without it school was always my escap from my reality i could lock myself up in school and be happy i love school but staying home is hard when all i want to be is at college the days cant come fast enough it a new life i wont let boys get to me i will be okay if i get hurt if im lied to cheated on but i wont let it get to me anymore i just cant let my life fall back i made a chose to be happy and i wont let my hurt anger pai get to me i think no i kno this is who i am and who i alway want to be im happy and proud of myself i did bad things but im not letting it take over me

  1. tcsoprano 11 years ago

    I love this. Let people you can trust help you. You go girl! 🙂

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  2. thelovelysoul 11 years ago

    yea i do to thank you for helping me every time someone listen makes me feel better

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