Well, I'm fairly new here, and I guess I haven't formally introduced myself, and Ive got nothing else to do while I sit here at school, so why not? .

18 / m / NY

Issues: major brain surgery 8 years ago / death of best friend to cancer 7 years ago / fathers death 16 years ago / uncles recent diagnosis of cancer / long distance relationship

I've never had anxiety problems, at all, until the last 2 weeks or so, and since then boyyyyyyyy it's been a problem.

I had a minor headache, in the area of my surgery, for the first time in 9 years. I got a little nervous about the pain, and it didn't subside for a week, which lead me to having a nervous breakdown. I went to the ER, had MRI's done, and they all came back clean.

But, since then, I haven't felt the same. I feel very irritable, I'm on meds now (Viibryd, idk, some new stuff), and I still have these continuous pains in my head. I never worried about myself until that day, but since then, ever little ache and pain sets me off and sends me back into this vicious cycle of health anxiety. Even though my MRI's are fine, I'm still convinced there's something wrong with my head. My school work and relationships with friends/girlfriend are suffering.

I guess it's somewhat understandable to have anxiety after having surgery like i did, but it was never an issue until now, which scares me. I just want to feel normal again, and I haven't for the last 2-3 weeks, and I'm afraid I never will again. Health Anxiety/Hypochondria sure is a killer.

If anyone has any input, or if you suffer from HA/Hypochon. please message me! I'd love to talk about it, I'm sure we can help eachother.


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  1. Mcgarrity820 10 years ago

    Ive never been through anything similar to you but I do share your feelings. My anxiety started when I was about 12 and the health anxiety played a major part in my life. I had every test known to man done and they came back normal. That still didn\'t help me, so I had to force myself to stop, I suffered through the feelings until they eventually faded and my anxiety had a new focus point. One thing I found helpful, and I try not to Preach especially to those I dont know, but I went to church..I accepted Jesus and I live my life, as best as I can, how He would want me. And honestly, I don\'t deal with he health anxiety anymore because I\'m not afraid to die. I know where I\'m going and that comforted me. But everyone is different. If you need anything don\'t hesitate to reach out.

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