It’s taken me a while to realize who I am, and still, there are days where I’m confused about myself. I start to wonder if this who I’m supposed to, is this who I was created to be, is this who my parents want me to be,  if I act like this will I still have friends tomorrow or if this is how society has molded me to become. I feel like society has placed a lot of doubt in me. When I was little I had all the confidence in the world but now I’m thirteen and wondering about ” if I put my hair in a bun will Bob notice me”, some people would read this and say well ” Fuck Bob” and that’s the point, I’m tryna Fuck Bob. It’s not that I want to care about what people think of me, I mean who puts that kinda stress on themselves, it’s that its human nature. In my opinion, that’s fucked up yet I can’t stop thinking it, I can’t stop worrying.


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