Who am I? I have no clue….have you ever felt like you sit in a room and everyone moves and talks around you like you aren't there? I feel like that, nothing but another fixture in the room. While I was in the hospital they told me I am of worth, I am a person of quality I just need to figure it out….I don't know how….I take care of my grandkids everyday, my parents are in such poor health I'm to the point where I dread getting that phone call, seems my kids don't call unless they want something from me and then I don't hear how are you, what are you doing? If it wasn't for my little grandsons and their perfect little smiles of love and the hugs and kisses and the I love you's I get from them I wouldn't be here, they are what I hang onto in my life. Maybe they define who I am? I've lost myself so how do I find myself? Do I depend on those little angels instead of them depending on me? Can I really be a good grandma they will remember all their life? I have no one to talk to except the few friends I made in chat but I don't want to always burden them with my problems when I don't have any answers and they don't know what to say….I go to a therapist and I hear what do you think you should do? Hell that's why I'm there to get some answers on how to find out what I should do!! Like I said I'm lost with only my two little grandsons to keep me going but without knowing who I am how can I be any good to them? If you are reading this thank you for listening…..


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