When your so high , tooked up choked up smoked up snorting up cigarette high in the sky you dont realize that at any moment you can die such deception cause you feel so good such deception and you dont know any other way to be your so decieved thinking this is the way the only way and the best way and when it doesnt sustain you in those cross roads moments you find that all those highs arent enough any more you dig a deeper grave by doing it all together and then there comes a time when all that wasnt enough your soul is wanting more than theres that final moment may be years and years down the line where you cant even hold yourself up any more and your tired of the suffering even though there was a hell of alot of fun the suffering was like sleeping on a loaded gun there comes that time when even when you say im just gonna be me in what im doing you make your character self and all you think you are in that moment but your soul says your still not your best and you prosper but not as much as you really could there comes a time when the line draws and that is the end ….life or death …..if you get to the other side where you can begin …its hell keeping it so true its hell because you didnt realize all that you were doing to you ……you didnt realize that behind all those good feelings your body was dying …..you suffer with the worst depressions and sickness your body at its final moment in you making a decision could no longer ignore…….to Life is not the question to open the door to but too no more suffering ………picking up your cross and going through all that it takes to get through what will make you the better you with determination and wisdom and I aint gonna lie you need GOD hes the power force thats stronger thatn any demise if you learn how to get in there with him and he kool he was wit me even when I was doing my thing he let me hash it out with life even filled in the gaps when I lay in doubt and then I had enough of myself and he was there at the drawing board line waiting he said you kool you done you good you ready for something better and when I said hell to the naw on that other stuff cause I got so sick and was over all of it he said ok now is a better time for us to go to higher ground cause you see for yourself that your more he didnt slap me in the face life slapped me in the face he gave me comfort and protection and understanding so I could withstand Lifes Correction by when your weak disaster can easily creep into your life by natural selection

Stay determined when you have a vision keep that vision as your vision and get through

  1. Bk811 10 years ago

    Wow. Thank you for writing this. I just recently learned how important God is in recovery. Your post gives me hope.

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  2. epiphany1981 10 years ago

    @Bk811 …you hope is a great Light keep following it and I wish you the best in healing 


    @jhonraymagno You keep moving forward to …Its what we gotta do \"\"

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