Hi folks,

So I have not wrote a blog in about a week and I thought that I would just put another blurb in here…

I think I want to talk about the promises… I was talking to my sponsor on Friday and telling her where I was at emotionally. (Which is no short of a miracle) and she said how amazing the promises are and that I am were I need to be to taste what recovery for people who work the program are suppose to feel… I have been on top of the world lately and it is because of the freedom that comes from working these steps… and when I portray piece and happiness the people that want that tend to swarm around you… It is my birthday this week and I started to celebrate it this weekend. And the amazing thing about this weekend was it was all about piece, serenity, god’s country, and sharing with another alcoholic the amazing gift of recovery. These promises show me that I am worth something today and I do have so much to give without expecting anything in return and when I look at life threw this new pair of glasses the rewards and endless. I was able to share love, kindness, warmth, laughter, and fun. And when I am able to give all of those things without needing any of them back they come twice fold. My heart is so filled today that it overflows with just wanting all to see and have that new pair of glasses that I now have on. So my sponsor says Joy you disserve this today. You have worked extremely hard to rid your self of the demons that held you back for so long that you are now in recovery… By the grace of a very loving higher power… I see love and piece instead of pain and sorrow….. It is my hope and dream that you who are reading this will find your slice of heaven…. and bask in the rewards of sobriety


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