Well it's been a while since my last blog, so i thought I might just do a quick update since my last one.

Well, i guess i'll just go with the big things.. I ended up in hospital again.. actually twice.. second time I had SI'd .. first time it was a suicide attempt. Anyway needless to say, if you havn't worked it out allready.. i'm ok.. i'm alive. My arm is still healing, but its healing quite quickly, so i'm looking forward till its not so ugly.. I pulled out the stitches myself, as i didn't see the point in going to the doc when i could just as easily do it with a nail clipper.

Still seeing my therapist weekly. Its going ok. I'm trying this thing… like its to accept i've had a thought.. (ie SI).. and name it.. and imagine i'm sending it away in the wind.  Its hard to do, but i'm trying.

Good news on the knee front.. I need surgery.. and i'll be getting it hopefully in the next month or so. YAY to finally having something happening with it. I'm going to be bed bound for a while, so i'll probably be making my way onto DT while the leg is healing. it's not just a little arthroscopy this time, i'm actually gonna have a nice scar down the front of my knee, and possibly a couple above it, depending on what the doc wants to do when he gets in there. The doc actually gove me some bad news along with the good.. the problem comes from my hips, my thigh bone is turned in a bit the wrong way, and thats whats causing the issues with my kneecaps. Anyway to fix that would be a BIG surgery, so i'm not wanting to have that. He also mentioned that my left kneecap is highly likely to go on me too.. hense today i went and got private health insurance. This means at least I wont have to worry about public hospital waiting lists. 😀

So at the moments, things are actually ok… concidering.



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