It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything here. Mostly because I don’t know what to write about. Even now my mind is going blank. I’ve officially started my Zyprexa at the full dose, and am still dealing with withdrawals from the risperidone at the same time. Supposedly the withdrawals last a few weeks. I did a quick taper. But I have been feeling a little better at times, which I can pinpoint directly to the Ativan. It’s possible that it’s the Zyprexa too, though that should take a couple of months to really kick in. I think it’s mainly the Ativan that’s causing the improvement. Which is a shame because it’s not really improvement, it’s dependence. I need more and more Ativan to feel ok. I hope they let me get a refill when I run out. I’ve never called in a refill at Walmart before, my doctor always does it. Usually if there is another refill on the prescription, Walmart will text me about it. But I don’t know when they will text me or if they even will, so I need to figure out how to refill it myself.

I miss my husband like crazy, he just called me on his lunchbreak. He’s out getting tacos. He’s found a new place to get tacos instead of his usual spot. He says the meat is higher quality there. No meat for me, I am a committed vegetarian now. Maaaaybe just maaaaybe I will eat seafood. I had a few shrimp at the Mother’s Day luncheon with my husband’s family. Even though it tasted good, I was turned off by the fact that I was eating something that was once alive. I guess that makes me a true vegetarian. I’m going to cook some beefless ground beef for dinner tonight with veggies and pasta. He doesn’t like the beefless ground beef, but I think if it’s all mixed in with the sauce and everything, he’ll eat it. I only used half of it, I want to eat the rest with polenta and veggies. Maybe Friday night. Tomorrow night will be tempeh, veggies and rice. How I wish life would just go back to normal! Things don’t look right, they don’t feel right, everything is just off somehow. And this hot weather is the pits. I know it’s not valley hot, but for us in our motorhome, anything above 70 or 75 makes it stuffy in here.

So anyway, there was no theme for this post, I just wanted to write a quick update since it’s been awhile. Peace.


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