Even though I've been feeling much better lately, my nightmares grow worse and worse every night. Yesterday morning I woke myself up very early because I was choking on a scream that couldn't quite make its way out. I was freezing cold and yet drenched in my own sweat and my blankets were kicked all over the place. It's very weird because I've been feeling more rested lately and I actually have energy during the day, but there are still these frightening, vivid nightmares.

Here's the synopsis of one I had the other night:

I'm running through New York City as it burns to the ground around me, panicked and lost, when I hear the cries of infants coming from an abandoned hospital. I ran inside the burning building and as I ascended a flight of wooden steps, the cries turned into blood curdling shrieks of horror and pain. When I entered the nursery, I saw that all of the infants were on fire but one. Without wasting any time, I grabbed the baby girl and ran out of the building before it collapsed behind me. As I ran away from the city, my teeth started falling out and my insides wouldn't stop falling out of a hole in my chest. I looked down to make sure none of it was getting on the baby but when I did, the child had grown almost instantly into the ten-year-old version of myself, except it wasn't clothed, there were no eyes in the sockets, and the mouth was hanging open, slack jawed. Suddenly, I felt the spirit of my child self inside me, pushing everything in my body against the walls of my flesh, struggling to make room inside for itself.

And then I woke up. It might not sound as freaky in textual form, but these nightmares are absolutely horrifying to be inside. They're always physically dark- not necessarily night time- they just have a dark atmosphere. And for the record, I hate cities. They make me very anxious.

I've tried a few tips and tricks to induce good dreams, but none of them have stuck or worked for very long. Does anyone have something they might suggest? I'm desperate here.

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  1. lostandscared 8 years ago

    I can defiantly relate to the nightmares ive had a re occurring dream about being chased through the woods by some terrifying creature that I can never quite see I just remember feeling like it was going to kill me. Dreams really can seem incredibly real cant they ? something that seems to help me is reassuring myself that its not real and cant physically hurt me. Take a few deep breaths, this may sound a bit odd but locating your self in the present can be extremely helpful look around your room, touch something anything to confirm that the dream is over and you're back in your room. You may feel the need to do something to confirm that you are safe turn on the lights and have a look around anything like that usually works for me.

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