On christmas day, we had lunch at my grandparents place. We usually have a big family dinner, but this year it was just me, my sister, my mum, and my grandparents. I think it was one of the smallest group dinners we have ever had for christmas.Most of the family had decided that they were going to have dinner at my aunts place. How they can be friendly to such a discusting cow i have no idea.

When we pulled into the driveway of my grandparents place there was a four wheel drive. At first i thought it was my uncle, until i recogised the four wheel drive as being the one that i have vanalised many times, it belongs to my sisters father, the husband of my blood aunt. My heart stopped.

I knew if they were in there, the dog aunt and the bastard father, i was going to loose it. I know nan still has to talk to them as they are her daughter and son-in-law, but OMG. Everyone knows shes nothing but a slut, and a whore. How anyone could do what she has done to my family i have NO idea. She deserves such a good kick in the head, and if it was me, at christmas, on my grandmothers lawn, that was going to be the case. I know mum was thinking the same thing when she seen the car. UNfortunatly it wasn’t her. It was her daughter, and her fiance, whom i get along well with.

One part of me was dissapointed, at the time we went down i had a couple of drinks in me, and i would have definatly hit her. The other part was soo glad that she wasn’t there, for my sisters sake. She has never met her father, and I don’t want her to. She deserves soo much better than that scum of the earth as a father.


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