How am I supposed to stand my someone else If I cannot even stand by myself. How am I supposed to support someone else if I cant even support myself? Running away from my problems is something I’ve done for years. It was easier than facing them. This year, I got a wake up call. I hit rock bottom on the floor of my bathroom while holding a razor. I was chopping away at my skin hoping it would destroy the human I hated. It didn’t do anything but make a mess of everything. Im sick and tired of hiding from the monster inside of me. If I don’t face it, who will? You cant expect someone to help you through this because this is a fight against yourself. It’s a fight against something in your head waiting in the shadows to jump out and ruin your life. I always thought the cliche of you have to love yourself before you love someone is was a load of… well crap. But I gotta give the idiots credit for the stupid phrase. Without loving, caring, moving your butt outta bed and into the real world you cant help someone else. Its easier said then done…Trust me I would know. But, if you want no if you’re ready than nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Especially the stupid monster. Give yourself some credit and do something you love. Not for someone else but for yourself. You deserve it. Man I really didn’t wanna prove the idiots right. But you gotta give yourself a chance. Lemme know how you do it because im still figuring that part out. Its a long road my friends.

Yours truly,



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