dear shae kunkle,


yes just hi.

i never really knew how to do a blog before. some people start with inspirational poems, novel quotes, etc. to make you catch hold of their writing.

im not like that. i don’t need others attention. i rather have it reflected away than me absorb it.

ha..i have a story about that. today in Nelsonville, Ohio school, we had an class change. we don’t usually do advisories and i go to a separate school at 10:50. so, on conclusion (i didnt know ANYTHING about this). we had advisory before first period and i wondered the halls looking for my teacher’s class for 15 minutes, and i felt like everyone will have their eyes stuck on me if i entered late, and i’ know i’lll be uncontrollably uncomfortable. so, i skipped that class. not in act of rebellion, just because my heart was beating too fast, my hands were sweaty, and i was already uncomfortable. it wasn’t hard to make that decision, i was just like:

“heyyy. you know you’ll get in trouble if you hide in that bathroom during advisory.”

“i don’t care. i’m scared.”

“fair enough.”

so i walked down to the bathroom by my history teacher and sat down in the big bathroom stall. i spent most of my time in there until girls started using the restroom. which i shouldn’t be upset about but i kinda was. and i would’ve stayed in there but there was a girl sitting on the toilet silently and i know she was waiting to poop so i flushed the toilet even though i didn’t use it. i walked down to the office because a teacher was following, and made up an excuse in why i was in there. now it’s 1st period and i feel better i guess.

(also, and ‘shae kunkle’ is me. yes, me. i guess i’m writing to myself? i had letters written to me, like my ex girlfriend..maygan. i miss her. i like receiving letters and giving them. it’s a great, traditional thing i love!)

anyways, i’ll update if anything happens.


sincerely, shae


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