We all have our struggles in life. I certaintly have had my fair share and though the memories bother me at times, I try my best to stay away from thinking in a negative manner. I believe that while it may be hard at times, thinking positively is a much better route. I try to use my experiences to help others, to educate them that it's not the end, that there are people that care and that there are ways to pull through the darkest of moments.

We are all different and deal with things in different ways. I guess today is just one of those days where it's just so hard for me to comprehend how someone that has been through as much shit as I have, is able to throw their struggles in other people's faces. Rather than band together to find a solution, people are instead fighting their families and closest friends for the stupidest of reasons. It's hard to find an individual that truly cares for others anymore.

I've got one best friend…"friend A", who has never once turned her back on me. She's been there through so much and I really have come to appreciate that friendship above all else. I am now seeking other relationships similar to this one. I have another friend…"friend B" that appreciates me one day and can't stand me the next, it's just ridiculous to me that people can be so judgmental, cruel and inconsiderate of the feelings of other people – regardless of what they are going through themselves. I'm trying to distance myself from people like friend B, regardless of how much I care about them, just so that I can finally, for the first time in god knows how many years, have a happier me.

The way that I see it is, if you want to be happy… you have to take actions to get there yourself rather than depend on other people to get you there. If you want to live a positive life, think more positive thoughts and surround yourself with better people.


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