Yet another reason i hate going into public getting virus's. Everbody's home sick with some upper respitory virus they caught at school and the other half is home because if any of you have kids you know that they love to share . I think i could almost synce their coughing. Poor babies just worried out of all of them about my oldest. Shes had it rough this year she was diagnosed with mono only then to have a cyst and then to be told she also has the devoloping of schloyosis as well. Shes my oldest at 13.As i sit here looking at her playing with her sister on the xbox it got me thinking. Do you ever remember being asked who your hero is as you where growing up? I don't know about the majority of you but i realized over the years as i have gotten older they have changed. While i wont say they are hero's more like people who inspire i cant help but think that my oldest is one of them. From the time she was born she taught me to expect the unexpected when you least expect it. That little things matter more then you know. That no matter how many jobs you have , how hard you work, how long the hours,or how bad a day you have coming home and getting a hug does truly make everything better. This an she hadnt even learned to talk.She along with my husband and my other two daughtersand at times my mother have been my strongest supporters in the fight we share on this board. We joke alot in the house because quiet honestly its the only way to get thorough the day and night sometimes.Just watching them play xbox i cant help but feel that if she can get through all that she has then its a reminder that theres  for the rest of us that are struggling in the darkness.


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