Just a thought I\'ve been having…

Not sure if anyone does this in their home, But whenever I do something (example- Like when I took a shower last night) I asked mom "Is it okay if I use the shower in this bathroom?" -which just asking that I found hard to do.

and she gave me this funny look, before replying "Of course you can…You don\'t need to ask, This is your house to you know" and the way she said it, made me feel like an idiot, a freak because i\'m always asking and what not to do things in my own home.

Despite it being \'my own home\' or whatever, I feel like a stranger- and outsider- expect for when it comes to my room. That\'s the only place I truly feel that I can say \'belongs\' to me, y\'know what I mean?

I\'m not even sure if I\'m explaining this right or not…But wasn\'t sure if anyone else struggled with that in their homes or not…

Anyway, Earlier this morning I was having problems with anxiety again. I was so wired and just all these thoughts popping up and making it worse, y\'know?

Then, This loud thud came from my dad\'s room, like something fell or something I don\'t know- But when I\'m anxious, i\'m extremely sensitive to everything around me, may it be noise, Light,etc.

Does that make sense?….Sorry if i\'m not explaining things clearly.

so anyway, That gave me a mini-heart attack for a moment, and didn\'t help my anxiety. I still haven\'t been able to fall asleep, Hell, even if I could just get 10 minutes of sleep- I\'d consider that an accomplishment.

Erm…Sorry for posting again so soon, Hope it doesn\'t bug anyone? It\'s 5:10am so, Trying to get some of the annoying thoughts out of my head so that maybe I can try to attempt to get some sleep 😡

Well…I\'ll \'see\' everyone later I guess…Hope the rest of the tribe is doing alright…See ya later


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