Alright, so here's just a quick post on how the rest of yesterday went…I'm so drained from it though so I just didn't feel like posting it earlier, Sorry.

Anyway, So I saw the GYN yesterday, they did some test and whatever and I'll get the results of them by Tuesday…So, We'll see how it goes from there.

Though my anxiety was through the roof when I went to see him, even though a female nurse was in the room, I was still fighting to hide my panic attack that forced it's ugly head…

Though, None of them saw my scars….Thank God…

Needless to say, When the appointment was over- I couldn't get to the car fast enough.

For the moment, Mom and Dad are on 'ok' terms, But I don't want to deal with his bullshit anymore…I didn't talk to him at all today, which didn't seem to faze him at all. He doesn't care, I'm not surprised though.

When he's around, or any family (expect my pets) I can't relax, I'm anxious and on edge…Anyone else know the feeling?

I hope I can just hide away in my room like normal today, I don't want to deal with anyone else in the 'outside' world, Especially since this coming week, I know i'm going to have to.

Just the thought of social gathering, FOOD, and outside my comfort zone is about to send me into another spiral…So i'm not going to talk about it anymore until it actually comes up..

My mind is so wired right now I can't sleep – like usual- I hate that…It leaves my mind to wonder and cause further problems, y'know?

Well, Anyway, I hope the rest of the tribe has a good Saturday. 'see' you later…


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