ok, so i’m bored and stuck watching my neice and my son who wants to go to bed so I decided to blog.  I do freecycle and craigslist free list and posted for free wiccan stuff cause i’m wiccan.  well now I met this cool chick out of it who at 1st I thought was snotty but then i realized she was actually kinda kool.  I wanna be her friend and I’d like to think she feels the same way.  She said she has to like feel me out first before she knows what to send me, which at 1st i was like "ok, scared of people" but now i realize she’s alot like me.  Even her husband whos a metal head like mine is most of the time.  I think we’d get along great if we actually met but I get scared of trying to have friends.  All my friends are just my mans friends.  So I dunno.  But I’d like to think I could get up the courage to say hey lets hang out and cast a circle even though i’m a total beginner even though I’ve been studying for years, ya know. I don’t know.  Now my kids passed out on the couch and i gonna be a total brat when i try and take him to his room.  I’m just so tired of being lonely and hopeless feeling and I know that when I get back into my religion I start to feel a little better.  It’d be so great to join a circ;le or at least do a ritual with a nother couple. It’d be nice just to have sme real friends ya know. Well, I guess that it for thisbog unless I figure out something else to post. Cya.


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