Oh my gosh you guys! Yesterday was the best birthday ever!!! Also, I don't mean to brag (okay, yes I do) but my husband is amazing! First of all, I got to sleep in because my Health Psychology class was cancelled, so that was awesome.

Then, the plan was for my husband and I to go to Zios (an Italian place in Georgetown) and maybe shop and just hang out. What happened was so much better. He surprised me by taking me to the melting pot in Austin (an awesome fancy fondue restaurant where I had wanted to go, but thought it was too expensive) and he invited my three best friends too! It was a total surprise and we had a great time. Since it was my birthday I got half a dozen red roses and champagne flutes that say "The Melting Pot" on them. We had such a great time!

They started out with two cheese fondue, one was a Boston Lager cheddar cheese and the other was a spinach and artichoke cheese and you get bits of bread, cheese, veggies and whatnot to stab with your fondue fork and dunk them in the cheese. Then our entree was two platters with all kinds of meat on it, a couple different kinds of shrimp, sirloin, buffalo chicken, pork, lobster, etc and then we had a fundue of Coq au Vin and a Mojo fondue as well to cook the food in and then a million different speciality sauces (which were heavenly) to try on all the meats. We also got sides like mushrooms, potatoes, and broccoli to dunk in as well. We all got salads before that too and then at the end we got the chocolate fondue. Oh you guys, it was like an orgasm in my mouth! The first one was a cookies in cream marshmallow dream, with chocolate with marshmallow fluff and crushed oreo cookes. The second, which was so divine, was chocolate with crunchy peanut butter and wild berries. You got all kinds of stuff to dunk in the chocolate like brownies, rice crispy treats, red velvet cake, cheesecake, marshmallow covered in oreos etc.

Then they brought us all champagne and we laughed and had so much fun, it was just the best birthday ever. Also, my husband was so sweet and paid for my friends as well (because they are all college students that couldn't really afford it). Anyway, it was just the best birthday ever (and then I got presents when I got home too!). I was so surprised, my husband did a great job orchestrating it all and keeping it a surprise. Ah! Anyway, I just wanted to share my special night and let you all know that your birthday wishes for me worked! Thanks for listening guys, take care of yourselves!

  1. frolic30 11 years ago

    That\'s so awesome!! Glad your birthday kicked ass! And yeah, now I\'m hungry too! Happy Belated Birthday!

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  2. jamesFake 11 years ago

    hey that gives you all the pleasure of planning your husband birthday:)

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