It has been one of those weeks where if it could go wrong it has. My job as a security officer scheduler is hard enough without the officers calling in “stupid” every night of the week.

My personal life has taken a weird turn. My significant other instead of just going through a stage of depression as alos been cheating on me regularly for the past two years. Things finally came to a head when I asked him to promise to quit lying to me and if I ask please tell the truth. He did and boy it hit home hard, felt like my whole world had been blasted by a bomb.

All the things I believed him to be and all the things that I thought he was were shattered into a million plus pieces. My emotions went on a rollercoaster ride and my heart and my head could not be further apart on issues.

Head – Tells me to kick him to the curb, I am better then this, I deserve better then a cheater and a person that can not be honest with me. Tells me to think this through and get on with life and find someone who will actually cherish you, love you, and c ount every day a blessing to have you in their life.

Heart – Tells me that I can not just throw 12 years away. Heart says with conviction that I love him and that the love is “unconditional” and “accepting” of anything he has done. I can forgive this and allow him another chance to love me and have a life and a relationship with me. Life is meaningful with him to love, I feel more and enjoy more with him, I look to expand and conquer and see all that I can. Heart says I need to hold that and not let it go.

I know that I can live without him, life will not be as meaningful, bright, happy, joyous, nor will it hold all the special things that it does now, I will go through the days numb and unfeeling but life will go on.

Question: why do you guys cheat on women who love you as I love him? Why not take a chance to open a new door or climb a new horizon with the one you have?


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