Well…. in case we havnt figured out i write a blog every time im on. i get lots of visitors too 🙂 thanks for your comments. well today was bad as well.. my sisters dog broke her computer screen, my mom pushed the dog off her and she landed on the lappy that shouldnt have been on the floor anyway.. grr. well my mom flipped out on me and blamed it on me. she says i was using it. NOT TRUE. my sister left it on the ground and left her dog out the cage without giving it the downers to keep her calm. honestly i think she should get rid of her its not fair for the dog to be caged up all the time or have to take downers i say give it to someone who will take her on walks and stuff give her proper care. but nooooooo tessa is always in the wrong. I came to see its always going to be my fault. EVERYTHING. what? they have to blame someone and they aint gonna admit they done it. My mom also told me to kiss her ass. OK (( dont go calling cps on this i love my family dont get me wrong)) ive had to many things with stupid cps…. like every year my grandma wants me and my sister so she trys cps and even if we got taken away im old enough to tell them where i want to go. does she seriously think iid stay with her and a drunk uncle? fuck no… i hate drunks MY moms boyfrind is one too godddddddddddddd grow up.. sorry for those who actually have like a drunk illnes. but my family actually choose to be idiots that drink every two minutes.. blah anyways todaqy sucked too. it got ok in the end though i guess.. at about midnigh lol when i was alone and everyone was sleeping.



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