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My_Precious (3/15/2006 12:35:53 AM): i just had a brilliant idea of a topic for your next blog on myspace

Dwayne White (3/15/2006 12:36:09 AM): what's that?

My_Precious (3/15/2006 12:36:39 AM): that whole beautiful "tell me of your love" bit . awesome. huh?

My_Precious (3/15/2006 12:36:44 AM):

Dwayne White (3/15/2006 12:37:08 AM): you want me to post it like I did our emails?

My_Precious (3/15/2006 12:37:16 AM): sure

Dwayne White (3/15/2006 12:37:20 AM): As You Wish

My_Precious (3/15/2006 12:39:51 AM): thanks honey. it made me weak-kneed and i listened to a lot of sappy love songs after that. shivers







Tell Me of Your Love..

teviswolfkin: so tell me of your love

teviswolfkin: what's  he like?

teviswolfkin: LOL Epic Much?

fullmoonfurry: 🙂  well, he's the sweetest man you'll ever meet. he's cute, and strong, brave and true. a real knight in shining armor, saving his damsel in distress. he's kind and compassionate, loving me so completely, it sustains me, carries me on so i can take the fairy wings he gave me and fly to the heavens, dance among the stars and come back to soul kiss him. he likes that. 🙂 his soft words and gentleness bring me to my knees sometimes. he believes in me, his love brings me great joy. …..always…… and what of your love?

fullmoonfurry: 😀

teviswolfkin: You sure you won't get jealous? she's a tough act to follow?

fullmoonfurry: nah. tell me, dearest..

teviswolfkin: well o.k. … 😀

fullmoonfurry: what did you mean by tough act?

fullmoonfurry: epic much? 🙂

teviswolfkin: Where to begin? begin at the beginning… her eyes beautiful blue pools capable of such sadness and immeasureable joy, her eyes drew me to her at first and when I got the chance to get closer I couldn't help but notice her radiant elven beauty… She was literally a fairytale princess.  You have to understand that I did not set out to fall so hard for her or at all actually but how could I look upon so beautious a visage and my heart not melt?  Then she started smiling and later still laughing and she is infectious and as addictive as any drug… GRRR (interuptions :D) … Her skin is soft like silk and her lips… oh sweet god her lips like an angel.  She captivated me and it is my sincerest dream and hope that she never lets me go she is my strength but can bring me to my knees with..

fullmoonfurry: captivated!! that's the word i was looking for! yes,

sweetheart, you captivate me.

fullmoonfurry: wow…somebody's a writer… and a darn good one at that…

teviswolfkin: a look. She speaks and my only wish is to make it come true. She is the kind of girl you give up your entire life for just to make her your entire life. She is Sweet and Pure and innocent (though she does have a naughty streak that makes her so, … um, endearing) I ache when she is not near She moves me to tears of both sadness and Joy and Makes me feel alive, she brings out the best in me and makes me want to be a better

person she soothes my pain relieves my tensions and even stays sickness with a touch. She is an angel, she is my Princess, My Queen, My Sweetie, My Precious, My reason for drawing breath and yet she takes my breath away… My everything The truest Love I have ever known or will ever know the truest happiness anyone has ever given me I… 😀

teviswolfkin: sorry I got carried away and there is still so much SO SO MUCH MORE

fullmoonfurry: its quite all right… you've moved me to tears again. :((  :">:x

teviswolfkin: so I was teasing when I asked if you were going to be jealous because no one will ever follow you

fullmoonfurry: aaww…tears. you're so good to me…

teviswolfkin: So tell me who is this lucky guy you speak so highly of will I ever get to meet him… Cause he IS the luckiest man in the universe if he has won your love

fullmoonfurry: lol. he is you, silly. 🙂





Friday, March 10, 2006


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