This will probably be the last blog for the year for me I think. After tonight, I won't have any internet connection till… well, thats hard to say.

Anyway, I think its been a wholly interesting year this 2011, and not all of it the good kind. Next year, I'll probably be back .. home, if you can call it that. I haven't been back in 4 years and I did try to escape it back then. It seems though that life has other plans for me. If possible, I would be working back home as well.

Whats interesting is the lack of anxiety that I'm feeling right now about it. I'm… wary that its all hiding from me at the moment and will sort of brust out of me when the time comes, when I'm working or something. I keep wondering that maybe I'm stressed and worried about other things at the moment and that's why I don't really feel any anxiety about it. I guess, I've always expected that I would be neverous and anxious about going back, and that's why I keep looking out for it. Mind boggling really!!

I guess, I should try to remember and have faith in myself. Even if I do get anxious and nervous, so what?? I've been there and done that and I'm still here and still doing well. Well, relatively well I guess. I may be poor as crap at the moment, but at least I can still work. It'll all work out in the end I guess, it always does. Its just a strange feeling to not feel anxious about something you THOUGHT you might be anxious about. The world seems stranger when you're getting better I guess.. haha..

In any case, you all have a good Christmas and a great new year ahead!! =)


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