Work was hard last night. It was just such a busy night. Mostly because of the really hot temperatures we have been having…..tends to make people sick.

I also had two former friends choose last night to contact me. One I had asked to call me 3 times before I moved (back in April). She still never has. She tells me that texting me one day and sending me flowers one other day shows she cares. Maybe it does but all I really needed was my friend to make about 6 minutes to talk with me so that I could tell her about huge changes in my life and support me a bit. I never mattered enough for that. I only hear from her when she needs something. I would bet money that there is something she was hoping to talk with me about that is bothering her and that is why she was texting me last night. The other friend never wants to listen either, just talk. She texted yesterday to "check" on me she said. I told her how I was feeling and that I would love to talk with her. She didnt respond to me for another two hours. Then she mentioned that she would love to talk tomorrow but now she was headed to bed. LoL

Just a couple minutes. Thats all that I have asked of my old friends. Just a couple minutes. I am not worth that much to them. That is why they are no longer my friends. I have really needed a friend and they were not interested in being my friend, just interested in having me be their friend.

I guess that I just wanted to share how my night went with someone. My husband is not in the same time zone as me so he and the kids arent up. I dont know anyone else. Thank you for listening (well, reading).


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