Anxiety is different for everyone. During my most extreme moments i have physically made myself Sick. Yes, I’ve checked into the ER and doctors offices. I’m convinced something is wrong. Just recently i was told i need a biopsy to look at some cancerous cells? The NP wasn’t too detailed. Of course, now I’m convinced i have many other illnesses. I usually experience muscle tension (tightness), nausea, leg or hand numbness/tingling, difficulty breathing, and sleep problems. Just recently though I’ve been really fatigued. I feel weak and extremely exhausted. I associate this to probably having some serious illness. Of course, Idk this for sure. It call all just be from anxiety. Anyone else feel extremely exhausted and headaches? I kind of feel like I’m getting a cold, but it never comes. Just throat feels tight/sore a bit and nose is bit stuffy. It’s so easy for me to associate these symptoms to something serious. I almost don’t want to get checked for fear of not being able to handle the outcome. I hope one day i can get better.


i don’t experience anxiety everyday or at least not that i notice. I know sometimes our bodies become use to it. However, the last couple of weeks i have been pretty anxious. I don’t even really know why. School, finances, relationship, my health, and future perhaps. It could be that my body has finally reached a breaking point.

I can usually get through my day but the last week i just been close to my breaking point. Today, was the roughest. I almost went to the ER. Wow, i sound pathetic.

I really want help. I’ve never seen a professional for this problem. Mostly because once my panic attacks pass Im good. I’m pretty proactive about staying active. I’m slowly realizing that I can’t keep going through this alone. I need to open up.

  1. biglilmama13 4 years ago

    I have the same feelings. Throat is tight nose stuffy and all. I don’t get much sleep. Headache very frequently and my dr said it’s all anxiety. I’ve had thoughts that there is something seriously wrong and been to the eye a few times and even they say anxiety. I do go to therapy and have a dr appointment on the 23rd for labs and a full physical so we will see.

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  2. madisonjanellesmith 4 years ago

    Wow, I relate to this so much! I’m always exhausted and nauseous with chest tightness/pain, convincing myself that I must have some terrible illness I’ve gone to the hospital only to be told that it’s anxiety, and I haven’t really reached out for professional help because just like you said, I don’t have it everyday (that I really notice) and I don’t even think about it until the panic really hits me. I’m sorry you’re going through this too, but I’m totally with you in feeling like this.

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      sandyvee 4 years ago

      Wow. It makes me so happy to hear that others experience similar symptoms. I agree. I usually don’t really think about it until it’s extreme and I’m on the verge of a panic attack.

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  3. gonzalez9r 4 years ago

    Hello everyone, I have Anxiety from 5 years or more is not very nice feeling, I want you to know that you are not alone. and gone through a lot in my life and very soon I will be taking a big step in my life. It will not be easy but I will assemble it very soon for the benefit of my health. I will be opening a blog very soon to help many people and to help me with their advice.

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