____ How hard it is, isn't it? I think that the most shameful situation is when someone rubs the truth on your face, because you know that they're right and you can't respond to them, if you're not that full of shit. But at the end, we're all a little full shit, aren't we? Well, i know i am… If you think you're not, you might be wrong!!! Am i saying that you're a bad person? No, but i've discovered my mistakes after someone rubbed the truth on my face and, man, i feel so much better now!!!
____ Do you know that time when you overhear a conversation about you? A conversation that you was not supposed to hear? Do you feel angry about it? Do you feel hurt, disrespected, humiliated? You should feel blessed!!! Absolutely blessed, because now you know what people think about you and you can do something about it! Don't you think that's a good thing? Isn't it worth getting past your ego to se the monster that you are? I mean, i go to the church and pray, i'm trying to make a better person out of myself, but at least i'm honest enough to say that i'm not ready to call myself a true christian. But religion is off this topic.
____ There are people with asses for mouths, they'll just say bad stuff aboutyou because they can't get past their own mistakes or they're jealous of you,and those people you shouldignore, but there are also people that are respected amongst your social circle and if those people are saying that you're lazy, you're disrespectful, you're not raising your kids right, or just saying bad stuff about you, you should probably take a look into yourself first, before you say they're a bunch of assholes.

– This is a sign of maturity.
– A sign of humility.
– A sign of honesty.

Don't you wanna be mature? humble? honest? If you do, try to do as i'm trying now. Next time someone confronts you with your mistakes, take a look into yourself and decide if they're right, before you get hurt by the truth. Let the truth bite you, you'll get used to it and it's poison makes you stronger!! Be safe, everyone!


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